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Year 5 - Giraffe & Kangaroo class

Welcome to Year 5


Giraffe class teacher is Mrs Atkins and the class support is Mrs Hall.


Kangaroo class teacher is Mr Warren and the class support is Mrs Proctor.


Mrs Vearncombe and Mrs Moore also support in Kangaroo class in the morning and afternoon respectively.


We have had a fantastic first term. The children have been working hard in all areas, improving their numerical knowledge in Mathematics and testing their vocabulary knowledge in all areas of English.

In science, the children have carried out a number of practical experiments and as part of History, we have had an Anglo-Saxon/Viking experience day.


During the Spring term, the fun continues. We visit We The Curious to attend a forces workshop and the planetarium to take a journey through space. At the end of March we will be facing our fears at the Vivary Park high ropes course.  

Anglo Saxon and Viking experience