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Year 5 - Giraffe & Kangaroo class

Welcome to Year 5 

Miss Hall teaches Kangaroo Class and Mrs Atkins teaches Giraffe Class. Mrs Hurford, Mrs Hall, Mrs Vearncombe and Mrs Perry also work in Year 5.


Teachers can be contacted on the following email addresses


Accelerated Reader


Reading in years 3-6

At the beginning of every new school year(in Key Stage Two) your child will complete a reading assessment called 'The Star Reading Test'. STAR Reading is a computerised reading assessment.
Questions continually adjust to your child’s responses. If the child’s response is correct, the difficulty level is increased. If the child misses a question, the difficulty level is reduced. The test uses multiple-choice questions and takes approximately 20 minutes. Your child will re-test on The Star Reading Test every half term.
The Star Reading Test will give your child a ZPD (Zone of proximal development) The ZPD is the range of books that will challenge a child without causing frustration or loss of motivation. 
Your child then picks a book at his/her own level and reads it at his/her own pace. They will start at the lowest level in the range and read through the levels at their own pace. When finished, your child takes a short quiz on the computer – passing the quiz is an indication that your child has understood what has been read. 
Every time your child passes a quiz their book level will rise by 0.1. The whole process is overseen, monitored and adjusted (where necessary) by your child's class teacher and teaching assistant. 
At Eastover, we have many rewards in place to motivate:
-prizes given after every quizzed passed
-a visit to our gift shop once they have passed a certain amount of quizzes/ read a certain amount of words
-different competitions held throughout the year
-class readometers-the first class to reach the top every half term receives a class prize. 

Important dates

Thursday 14th and Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th October - Parents evening (virtual)

Thursday 21st October - INSET day- School closed
Friday 22nd October - Friday 29th October Half term

Monday 1st November- INSET day- School Closed

Tuesday 2nd November - Back to school



Children in Y3- Y6 have the following homework each night. Please record in the children’s yellow books that all the tasks have been completed. If your child wishes to do more homework or spend longer on each task, or complete their own tasks afterwards, this would be excellent! Please note, additional tasks linked to other subjects may be sent out by class teachers.


10 minutes of reading aloud

10 minutes of TT Rockstars or Doodle practice for those with a log in

10 minutes of spelling practice


If you have any problems, please ask!

Important websites

Maths in Kangaroo Class

Celebration Certificates


Kangaroo Class


10th September 

Matas L- for an excellent start to Year 5, working really hard and trying his best.


17th September

Harper- for a mature week full of hard work and excellent learning.


24th September

Oscar- an excellent week of work, answering lots of questions!


1st October

Elisha- an exceptional week of listening carefully, working hard and contributing well to lessons.

What are we learning?


Please click on the link below to find the planning document for year 5, this will tell you what the children are learning throughout the year.