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Year 2 - Fox & Otter Class

The staff of Year 2 have set up an email address which all members of the Year 2 team will have access to. We will use it as a base to answer any questions that you may have but we also want to see what you've been up to. Please send over any work, art, videos, photos or anything fun that you've been doing to make us all smile. 

We will do our best to respond to all emails as much as we can.


Don't forget to keep emailing us! :D


New Year 2 Padlet



Home learning for week beginning 29.06.2020

Hi all, this week we would like to set you a slightly different challenge. 

Last week would have been our annual health week in school and we would have taken part in sports day! Therefore we have a number of sports/exercise based challenges for you.

Below you will find our investigation as well as some extra challenges.


Which activity makes your heart work hardest?

The harder the physical activity, the faster and stronger your heart beats in order to pump blood around your body.

This week we would like you to investigate which activities make your heart beat hardest/fastest. These activities can be sporting e.g. football, physical e.g. star jumps or even housework e.g. ironing. You can choose your activities and then test them out over the week.

It is important to test each activity more than once to ensure your results are fair. Ask and adult to help you find the average.


If you would like to challenge yourself further you could take part in Joe Wicks' daily PE lessons on Youtube. You can also find fitness challenge videos from Mr Irish on our video resource page under the class pages heading if you would like to test your skills against Mr Irish. 


Good luck!

Home learning for week beginning 22.06.2020

Please note, we have a new link for a new padlet. We are hoping this will resolve issues with uploading work :)

From this week (8th June) we will be calling every fortnight to check in with you all. If you need anything I’m between then please contact the office or email us on the above email address. Your next phone call will be next week. Have a great week. :)

Hi everybody.


We want to say a big well done and thank you to everyone for their continued hard work throughout this difficult time. We understand that it has been tough to try and stay motivated to complete work and so we hope you enjoy completing some of the challenges we have set for this week. These still provide good learning opportunities, but are hopefully a bit more fun and relaxed. Please find these challenges and activities below for the week commencing 8th June.

Activities include maths code breaker challenges, maths investigations, SPaG & Phonics investigations, mindfulness exercises and science/DT activities

Feel free to pick and choose activities you would like to do and please do not feel the need to complete all of them.


If you have any of you own activities and challenges you want to complete or even set us, then don't forget to email or upload to the Padlet page.


We will continue to upload us reading the chapters of The Twits this week, so keep checking the page.


Chapter 12 - Mrs Twit Comes Ballooning Down

Still image for this video

Chapter 11 - Mrs Twit Goes Ballooning Up

Still image for this video

Chapter 10 - Mrs Twit gets a stretching

Still image for this video

Chapter 9- Mrs Twit has the shrinks

Still image for this video

Chapter 8- The funny walking stick continued

Still image for this video

Chapter 8- The funny walking stick

Still image for this video

Chapter 7- Wormy Spaghetti

Still image for this video

Chapter 6- The frog

Still image for this video

Chapter 5- The glass eye

Still image for this video

Chapter 4 - Mrs Twit

Still image for this video

Chapter 2 - Mr Twit. Chapter 3- dirty beards

Still image for this video

Chapter 1- Hairy Faces

Still image for this video

Looking for something to get your creative juices flowing in English, give this this story starters website a try!


You can select your your story theme.

Then once you've done that, you can spin the lever to be given a whacky task! E.g. Write a friendly letter to a curious hippo who sleds down mountains cheeky

Good luck!!