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Good luck and best wishes to Year 6 as you prepare to go to your new schools in September. 


Sing Up will hopefully keep these available during the summer.  The links take you to a selection of songs.  The ages are just a guideline, feel free to try out all of them smiley


Have a good summer everyone!



Some of the keyworker children have been working on an improvisation based on Anna Meredith's piece called Connect It.  Watch the original, then have a go at home, making rhythmic patterns with body percussion smiley:


Sing Up song of the week is 'I can see clearly now':



Meet the composer:  Gabriel Prokofiev composes for orchestra but he is also a "fan of hip hop, dance music, electro, reggaeton, grime..." and has composed music for orchestra that sounds like a DJ scratching records!

What else can you find out about him?


This week's song of the week is 'Raise My Voice', a catchy, Beyonce-style song with a strong message.  It is a bit fast, but you can slow it down to make it easier to learn, by clicking the settings 'wheel' on the Youtube video.



Sing Up 

Song of the week: People Who Help Us 


Black Lives Matter: In this week's BBC Ten Pieces at Home, discover the music of Joseph Bologne, the first classical composer of African ancestry. Naomi Wilkinson explores the extraordinary story of a composer who took Paris by storm.



Just for fun: Out of the Ark - I've got a cardboard box!


Music is a creative art.  Listening to music is great for using and developing the imagination.  Here are some ideas:




If you have been enjoying the Sing Up songs, please tell other people about it!  Most children love singing, but sometimes they need a nudge to get started laugh


This week's song is The Bare Necessities:


Here is link to some free songs from one company we use.  The children will know some of these:




Sing Up Song of the Week - Shake my sillies out: smiley



If you have a ukulele or guitar you could play along - the chords are G7 (or G), C and F

If not, you could make an instrument from junk!


  • Make a shaker by putting rice, beans or small stones in a plastic bottle. Seal and shake!  Try different amounts of filling to see if it changes the pitch (high or low)
  • Stretch elastic bands or elastic from old clothes over a box or tin and 'twang'. Try different thicknesses of elastic.  How do you change the pitch?
  • Use old boxes or tins to make drums - chopsticks or twigs for drumsticks





This week's Sing Up Song of the Week is 'Down By the Bay'


BBC - learn about sound and make your own instruments:




Learn to dance to Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite with this BBC Live Lesson


NEW: One of Somerset Music's singing teachers, Nicola Thompson, has kindly recorded some lessons for home learning.  Children at Eastover will recognise some of the songs, but there are some new activities as well.  I am listing them separately for each key stage, but there is a lot of overlap, so just pick one and have fun cool


FS   -

KS1 -

KS2 -



Sing Up: Song of the Week is Baby Baluga - watch the video for warm-up fun and help with learning the song



Sing Up's Song of the Week :

'It's getting too hot for monkeys!'

Some singing, some chanting, some places to make up your own words.  A fun song with a serious message about global warming:


Listening Music and sing with the BBC Singers:


From BBC Ten Pieces:

1. Watch the video and listen to the music.  What instruments can you hear?  Is it calm? Exciting? Scary? 

2. Think about how it makes you feel.  How would you want music about Bridgwater to sound?

3. Watch the second video and learn to sing with the BBC Singers (or just listen to the beautiful harmony)





If you don't yet have your login for YUMU, ask your teacher for it (they have a list) .  Well done to the children who have already logged in and have started earning coins and badges.  House points will be given to the children who make the most progress or spend the most time trying! 


Please see further down this page for more information about YUMU.  



If you have a ukulele at home, the ukulele course is now available on YUMU for KS2. Just log in and go to 'Assignments'. 





  • Listen - to the pitch (high or low) and the rhythm (the pattern - long and short sounds plus the spaces in between) 
  • Listen again - to the way the lyrics (words) fit into the rhythm.
  • Sit or stand tall and have a go!


You don't have to like every song, but give them a chance - sometimes a good song takes a while to 'grow' on you!



Introduction to Yumu 


Yumu is Charanga’s home learning package for children.  Children at Eastover are already familiar with Charanga, because it is now used in many of their Music lessons.  Once logged in they will be able to choose an avatar, access some of the games, songs and activities they know from class, earn badges and coins to spend on their avatar, and even learn an instrument.   


Getting started: 


Go to: 


or search for Yumu or Charanga Musical School.  


Enter your username and password in the boxes on the screen (Pupil/student login):  

Your username is the code starting    p……….   

Your password is a musical word, lower case   


Click on the LogIn button.  


Using Yumu 


On your Yumu home page you will find Assignments, Charanga Music Word and songs.  


Some of these will be units we have used in class.  You can find the Follow the Bear games, listening music and songs. 



These are lesson units with the listening music, songs and games.  You don’t have to do everything or every lesson, just explore!   


Remember: Your voice is an instrument.  If you don’t have an instrument to play or an app with keyboard or glockenspiel, use your voice to match the pitch. 


Charanga Music World 

If you have an instrument at home, you can use Music World to learn how to play.  You can choose an avatar, play games and watch videos about music. 


> Click on Charanga Music World  


Click Editor to choose an avatar 


> Save and Exit 

You will earn tokens for choosing an avatar.  To change your avatar press EDITOR 


> Start             

> Choose a world          

> + Select world 


If you have an instrument at home you can choose that instrument to work on.  For example a recorder, xylophone, ukulele, guitar or keyboard.  If not, there are lots of free apps which allow you to play keyboard, drums or xylophone on a phone or tablet.  


If you don’t have an instrument you could choose Drum Kit World.  You could set up a drum kit using empty boxes, tins or buckets!  Don’t forget to ask an adult first! 


You can add more than one instrument.  Go to ‘Change World’ to add another one or change between them. 




If you press the BACK button and it takes you back to the login page, just login again.  This problem only seems to happen if you are using a tablet or phone.  Your progress will still have been recorded. 



Just keep singing, just keep singing!


Children at Eastover love singing, so here are some ideas to help them keep singing at home. smiley


Sing Up Songs: New - home learning hub from 20th April


Out of the Ark:  Many of the songs from our Out of the Ark collection of songs can be found on Youtube. They are not necessarily complete, but they will be a starter.  I will add links to these on this page in due course.  


You could also browse the songs we use on the Out of the Ark website.  Children can listen to clips to remind them of the tune.  

You can access Out of the Ark here:


BBC: There are lots of resources on the BBC, for example:


Nursery rhymes:


New - Music lessons for each year group starting on Thursday 23rd April:



Interwoven Tapestry

One Moment, One People

Hey, My Name is Joe



Children who have a ukulele at home could carry on practising what they have been learning in school.  Log in to YUMU for Charanga's ukulele lessons.


Many children have already discovered videos on Youtube that teach you how to play an instrument. There are some that show how to play chords on ukulele and guitar.  


Children may have other instruments at home, or be able to use a phone/tablet app which allows them to play a virtual keyboard, xylophone, drum etc.  Again there are videos which can help them to learn.  There will be opportunities in the future to perform what they have learned smiley


STAY SAFE ONLINE: Please remember to ask an adult to help you find these videos




Eastover Choir - Carol Singing at Sydenham House


Well done to the children who sang Christmas carols at Sydenham House, a care home in Frederick Road, Bridgwater.  They did a fantastic job smiley.





Somerset Music Singing Festival 2019

Still image for this video
Audio recording of Eastover Choir singing 'Opportunity' and 'Please Miss!"

Thank you to Ava's mum for the recording.

A big well done to everyone in the Choir.  Their performance at the MacMillan Theatre was great and I am very proud of them all. smiley