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Adverse Weather & School Closure

Adverse Weather and School Closure Information

The following information and procedures will apply in the case of adverse weather conditions. Firstly, the school will only close if it is necessary to do so. Such a situation could arise, for example, because of insufficient numbers of staff being able to make their way to school, thus making it difficult for us to provide adequate supervision. Closure may also be necessary if the forecast indicates a serious deterioration in weather conditions during the day.


The decision to close the school would be taken by our Headteacher or one of her senior colleagues. If we were to close the school, we would contact parents in the following ways:


  1. A message would appear on the school’s website,, by or shortly after 7.30am each day and we would update the website with information, as far as possible, during the day.


2. A text message would be sent to all those who receive this service by or shortly after 7.30am.


  1. Broadcasts by the following Radio Stations:
  • BBC Somerset - 95.5FM and 1566MHz
  • Heart FM - 102.6FM, 97.1 FM (Yeovil area), 96.5 (Taunton area)
  • Midwest Radio - 96.6 FM, 97.4 FM, 105.6 FM or 106.6 FM

If we are forced to close the school during the day, we would inform parents by text message or, for those who do not receive this service, by telephone. Everything reasonably possible would be done to ensure our pupils' safety and well-being.