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Year 1 - Rabbit & Hedgehog Class

Send your home learning activities to : 


and get 10 house points!!

Make sure you scroll down to see all our handwriting videos! They are grouped together further down the page. Mrs Irish 😊

Good afternoon year 1,


Please see below an example of how the yellow home learning books can be used to help the children with their handwriting.  The children should be quite used to these lines, because their daily handwriting books have them in, but they can be very confusing for us adults!! 


I have highlighted the first two 'main lines' with a yellow pen to show you.  The top red line is for the children to use when forming an ascender or a capital letter.   The bottom read line is for descenders and those letters with tails.  All other letters (our small letters) should be written between the two grey/blue lines.   


This should help when having a go at Mrs Irish's awesome daily handwriting videos.  


Keep up the great work year 1!


Lost and Found - this week's author Oliver Jeffers

A lovely story about friendship...... are there things that you have lost? Maybe have a scavenger hunt of toys hidden around your home - do you know what has been lost (hidden) - can you write a list of all the things you have found?

Which animal would you like to be friends with and why? Can you draw a picture of you and your new animal friend?

The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr

This is the last book from our author Judith Kerr .....
Can you make up your own story of an animal that came to tea? Can you write a list of all the things that the animal ate? Can you design some food for your animal too with a catchy label?

Good afternoon year 1,


I have found something I think you'll LOVE!! 


Dr Chip's daily dose of science, computing and engineering activities for you to do at home.


Each day at 10:00am (but you can access them at any point after 10:00) he will put up a video of something for you to try at home.  Today was making a tower taller than you from newspaper.  


Worth a visit.   


Take a photo of your creations and email them to us.  We'd love to see them.  


Stay safe.  


Mrs Salt 

'Hey Tiger!' Robbie Williams - Karaoke | The Tiger Who Came To Tea | SceneScreen

A song to learn - a bit of karaoke fun ( and reading too!). Can you guess what our next story will be?

Good afternoon year 1,


I had to share this great art activity with you all.  LEGO stamping! 


It's an idea that came from Pinterest. 


Here's my go!  


You could even turn this into a maths activity and do some repeated patterns.  



Have fun! 

Mrs Salt




Hi Year 1, 


What a beautiful day it is outside! We hope you've managed some outdoor learning.  


I just thought I'd draw your attention to something I've been looking at with my own children to help with our home learning.


We haven't followed it to the letter, but we have dipped in and out of the activities suggested.  It's helpful also if you are struggling to structure the day.  


One of my favourite things on the 'Twinkl Home Learning Hub' is the NewsRoom Daily Bulletin.  Each day Twinkl are adding a new, positive, piece of news or interesting fact for you to enjoy.  And let's face it, we all need a bit of positivity at the moment.  


Twinkl is a great resource and something we use often at school to support the children's learning.  And at the moment it's free!!  We hope you get lots out of it.  


Stay safe everyone.  


Mrs Salt 




Handwriting - lesson 7

Still image for this video
Hi all - here is today’s handwriting video! Try and write a sentence using the words and make sure you understand what the words mean. We will be back with more handwriting videos after Easter!

Handwriting - lesson 6

Still image for this video
Hi all, here is today’s handwriting lesson working on joining to make ‘et’ ending words. See if you can also put them into sentences for an extra writing challenge. Mrs Irish 😊

Handwriting - lesson 5

Still image for this video
Hi all - here is today’s lesson. Working on ilt endings - have a go and send us an email!

Handwriting - lesson 4

Still image for this video
Good morning everyone,
Here is today’s handwriting session - joining words with an ‘it’ ending. Have a go!

Handwriting- lesson 3!

Still image for this video
Hello everyone, today we are joining to make words that end in ‘ill’ so have a look at the video and have a go! Email us a photo for ten house-points! Email address is at the top of our class page.

Handwriting - lesson 2!

Still image for this video
Have a go at the second half of the alphabet today! Make sure you keep your letters a consistent size. Next week we will work on joining our letters and picking up where we left off in school!
Mrs Irish 😊

Handwriting - lesson one - March 26th

Still image for this video
Hello everybody, today I have demonstrated how to form the first few letters of the alphabet. Please practise these making sure your letters are of a consistent size! Tomorrow I will post again and next week we will practise some joins. Stay safe and safe well, from Mrs Irish. 😊

Author Time Mog's Birthday Caper

Continuing our Judith Kerr books ....
I hope you enjoy listening to this story.
After listening to this story can you create your own alphabet sentences.... For example -Mog purrs and paddles past palm trees!
Have a go.. which letter will you choose?
Science - can you create an animal alphabet? Is there an animal that begins with X? Q? U? I wonder what you can find out....

Storytime | Mog The Forgetful Cat story by Judith Kerr read aloud by Books Read Aloud For Kids

Mog the Forgetful Cat

Here are some ideas for activities after listening to the story.

English- Can you remember what Mog forgot? How could you help Mog to remember? Why did Mog get a medal? Do you think Mog was brave or not?

Science - Mog got excited in the garden - what do you like about being outside? Smells, sights, sounds?

Art - can you create a drawing of Mog? Can you make her stripy using your pencils?
Design- can you design or make a medal for Mog?

Keep practising your phonics at home!

Still image for this video
This is a brilliant website and is currently free! Children can learn new sounds and practise the ones we have taught in school through lots of fun games. Have a go!

Daily Maths lessons 

Good morning year 1,


For the rest of this week your daily math's lessons will be on here..........


There is a new lesson video and activity for each day.  Please follow this order: 


Tuesday 31st March - Lesson 2 - Measure Mass

Wednesday 1st April - Lesson 3 - Compare Mass 

Thursday 2nd April - Lesson 4 - Introduce Capacity and Volume 

Friday 3rd April - Lesson 5 - Measure Capacity 


We follow Whiterose's scheme of learning in school and this is a brilliant resources that we are so pleased to be able to offer you at home for free!!! 


If you have any questions or any difficulty accessing this, let up know.  


We hope you enjoy them.  Send us a photo/ email of what you've been up to if you like.  


Take care,

The Year 1 team



Maths - weight and mass lesson 1

This is an introduction to weight.  Children should begin by holding objects and describing them using vocabulary such as heavy, light, heavier than, lighter than,  before using scales to check (if you have some at home).  


Activity 1 - pick two objects from around the house and use the sentence stems to describe them.  


The _____________ is lighter than the _______________ . 

The _____________ is heavier than the _______________ . 


A common misconception that lots of children will have is that the bigger object will always be the heavier object.  Try and find at least one object that challenges this.  A beach ball?  a balloon? 


Activity 2 -


Have a go at these.  Just write your answers in your yellow book.  


See you tomorrow with more weight and mass.  


Mrs Salt  


Maths - Length Lesson 3

Still image for this video
Today is the last lesson on length. Remember to use the side of the ruler that is in cm and always start at 0 when measuring. Watch your child carefully, they will quickly revert back to the edge of the ruler if you don’t keep reminding them! Top Tip: when drawing lines for your child use a ruler yourself to make sure they come to exactly the nearest cm e.g 8cm rather than 6.4. Have fun!

Maths - Length Lesson 2

Still image for this video
Today we learn how to use non-standard measures to measure length.

Maths - Length Lesson 1

Still image for this video
Have a go at using the language taller, shorter and longer. Have fun!

Tens and Ones (Maths)

Still image for this video
Hi everyone! Have a go at doing tens and ones at home. Have fun!

UPDATE 20/3/20:


As well as keeping you updated and informed through our website, you will also receive a call from your class teacher once a week to discuss and support your time at home.  If you have any questions in between time please do not hesitate to contact the school. 

To Parents and Carers of Year 1,


As you are aware the school will be closed from Friday 20th March. As a Year 1 team we will be uploading resources, videos, ideas and messages over the course of the closure.  We wanted to start by adding a few resources to start you off and then as add more ideas to keep you going over the next few weeks so please keep visiting the page with your child.  

This is an uncertain time for all and children need to feel secure and reassured. A routine will help with this at this age. We will create a suggestion for a routine to help children during this time.  

Reading books is also a great comforter whether its reading their familiar school reading books or sharing new stories. A lot of companies have added free online Ebook libraries such as Oxford Owl and Getepic as well as Bug club.


We will be keeping in touch through the school website and Facebook.


Best Wishes,

Year 1 Team

Welcome to Year 1




This year in Rabbit Class your teachers are: Mrs Salt and Mrs Freer

Your teaching assistant is Mrs Hurford


This year in Hedgehogs your teachers are: Mrs Irish and Mrs Fisher

Your teaching assistant is Mrs Llewelyn


 PE - Wednesday


The children had a great week this week settling into the new routines of Year One. We really enjoyed sharing the children's 'All About Me' bags. We had all sorts of amazing things inside from teddy bears, to books, to shells, to crafts they had made to leaflets of places they had been. It was great finding out a little bit about the children that we would have otherwise not known and the children were really excited to show them. Well done everyone on your first week back! smiley


This week Year 1 have enjoyed so many things. We have been counting to 100 and we have learnt to put objects in a line to make counting them easier. We have been learning about settings in English, I wonder if they can tell you about them? We also had a whole year group game of 'The Floor is Lava' and we dressed up in our house colours and learnt a house chant! What a busy week!


This week we had a great topic day. We learnt all about families and what it's like to be a Nan. We looked at some old fashioned toys. In English we continued our work on settings and based our work on forests. We learnt that describing words are called adjectives and we enjoyed exploring our own forest school. In Maths we have been working on one more than. I wonder if they can tell you one more than a number that you give them?


Rabbit Class decided to make up their own story using adjectives all based on a picture of a forest. Later in the week we drew maps and used pastels to represent our magical land. Some of us have quite an imagination! Fantastic!


This week we have been working out numbers that are one less. We have also started to compare two groups using words such as 'more, less, greater than, fewer, less than'. We will use these words throughout the year in our Maths work. Next week in English we will be using the book 'Monstersaurus' by Claire Freedman. If you have this book at home why not read it over the weekend? 


Rabbit Class - we had a very successful class assembly. Thank you to everyone who came to support the children.

27.9.19 - Rabbit Class

Still image for this video

Monday 30th September 

Hedgehogs Class


We found some monster footprints in our classroom today! We think they belong to the Monstersaurus who left us a story and some instructions.

Hedgehogs Visit The Brick and Tile Musuem! 


Hedgehogs visited the Brick and Tile Museum in Bridgwater last week. We had a great time and even went into the old kiln! We also dressed up as Victorian children and made our own clay tiles.


This week we are learning the story...Monstersaurus! Here it is so you can share it at home...


Both classes have now been to the brick and tile museum and had a great time. the children have also really enjoyed this weeks story 'Monstersaurus', I'm sure they have told you all about it! We have also talked about Jesus calming a storm in RE and thought about times when we feel scared and who we turn to. We hope you have a great weekend.

Hedgehog Class - 7th October 2019


Wow! We found a slow worm on the field today. We had a really good look at him and then we watched him wriggle away. We were all very, very excited! 

Hedgehog class  - maths challenge! 7/10/19


Today we have been comparing numbers and using the greater than and less than signs. Have a look at this website for more information!

Hedgehog Class visit to Rodway Farm! 14/10/19


We visited the farm today. We saw lots of cows including dry cows and some cows who were in the cow hospital. We also learnt about their food. We saw many tractors as they spread slurry on the fields and we even saw one emptying the slurry pit...smelly! We learnt about milking the cows in the milking parlour and we saw some baby cows who were having some milk. Finally we saw some pigs and piglets - we created a wall so the farmer could move a pig too! We had a great time and we are now going to learn about a day in the life of a farmer in English. 



18.10.19 Rabbit Class


Rabbit Class had such a fun time at the farm! Have a look at our pictures and ask us all about them. We are now working on the story 'Rosie's Walk' by Pat Hutchins. We have found a secret story within the story. Can your child explain it to you, if you have this book at home, or if you borrow it from the library? They would love to show you!

21/10/19 Hedgehogs and Rabbits  had a toy workshop! We played with lots of old toys our grandparents would have played with. 

Tuesday 22nd October 


We all tested materials to see which ones are waterproof so we can make an umbrella for teddy! We put Teddy in a jar and used pipettes to drop water over a material. We then recorded our results in a table. We think we could use foil or plastic to make an umbrella!