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Year 5 - Giraffe & Kangaroo class

Year 5 Advertising St. John's, click on the link below to watch the videos

We The Curious

We The Curious 1
We The Curious 2
We The Curious 3
We The Curious 4
We The Curious 5
We The Curious 6
We The Curious 7
We The Curious 8
We The Curious 9
We The Curious 10
We The Curious 11
We The Curious 12
We The Curious 13
We The Curious 14
We The Curious 15
We The Curious 16
We The Curious 17
We The Curious 18
We The Curious 19
We The Curious 20
We The Curious 21
We The Curious 22
We The Curious 23

Welcome back, we hope you had a nice holiday.


A massive well done to all the children who have made a good start to year 5. Although the step up for some has been a challenge, they are working hard to meet the expectations of this year group.


Trips - This term we are visiting 'We the Curious' in Bristol. This is to explore different areas in Science but in particular: Forces, Properties of materials and Space.


Homework - This term the children will be receiving weekly math homework, set as a follow up to our in class learning. If the children are unsure, they are able to come in any lunch time for support.


The children also have a weekly times table test. This is on a Monday following input the previous week. Please support your children in learning the different times tables as it supports many areas of their learning.


Finally, the children have been given laminated pink cards with 6 spellings on. These spellings are words the children should know how to spell by the end of KS2. Again, if you can support as much as possible, it will be a real help.


Reading - Reading is so important to all areas of children's learning in English. It improves their imaginations, supports spellings and improves vocabulary. Children are still expected to read at least 5 times a week, even if only a couple of pages per night. As an added incentive, for everyday a child reads, they will receive 5 minutes of golden time (up to a maximum of 25 minutes).


Dates:  We the Curious    -  17th January.

            Explore Lent (Church visit)     -    5th March.

            EDF Energy Workshop    -    19th March.

            Vivary Park High Ropes    - 27th March


Parents Evening 27th/28th March