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Year 4 - Seal & Dolphin class

World Book Day

World Book Day 1

Welcome back, and Happy New Year!


Well done to all the children who have made such a positive start to year 4. 


Trips - This term we have two exciting trips booked; we will visit Hinkley Point to explore how electricity is produced to work alongside our science lessons. We will also be taking a tour of the SS Great Britain to coincide with our topic work on The Victorians. We will also have a 'Life as a Victorian child' workshop at school to give the children a real life experience of what it was like at school during the Victorian times.


Dates:  Hinkley Point - 16th January

            SS Great Britain - 27th February

            Victorian Workshop - 5th March



Parents Evening 27th/28th March 


Welcome to year 4.


Mr Fleet is class teacher in Dolphins Class, assisted by Mrs Lee.


Miss Atwell is class teacher in Seals Class, assisted by Mrs Csete. 


Year 4 is a challenging, yet exciting year, with lots of interesting trips and events planned. Including our summer term residential trip to Pinkery.



Maths homework will be given out weekly. These will usually be sent home Thursday and expected back the following Monday.



Spellings will be tested on Friday's. The children are expected to learn their spelling cards throughout the week in order to progress through the cards. This includes continuing to learn cards already achieved.


Children are expected to read daily and record this in their reading records.


Please ensure that you speak with us if you have any trouble or concerns regarding your homework. 


Mr Fleet and Miss Atwell