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Year 3 - lion & Tiger class

Welcome to year 3!


Mrs Larson and Mrs Hoppins are class teachers in Lions Class.  Mrs Hoppins teaches on a Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Larson teaches the rest of the week.  Teaching assistants are Miss Hoare, Miss Stevens, Mrs Thomas and Mr Adams. 


Mrs Weall and Mrs Lukins are class teachers in Tigers Class. Mrs Weall teaches on a Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Lukins teaches on a Thursday and Friday.  Wednesday is alternated.


Year 3 is an exciting transition into KS2. The children have the opportunity to go to Cheddar Caves and Fyne Court. They have several workshops including, rocks and fossils and maps and compasses.  During their Greek topic, there is a themed day too! 





Maths homework - we encourage the children to practise their times tables and number facts daily. All children have a log in and password for Times Tables Rock Stars and enjoy using this website to progress their confidence.  Please find the link below: 


This website is also great for practising times tables:


Spellings - all children work through a set of cards with key words on them which are kept in their reading records.  They are tested every few weeks in school on these and progress onto the next card when they can read, write and spell the words. We encourage you to help your child learn these at home.  There is also a list of Year 2 words in the front of the children's reading records if you would like your child to revise these.


Reading -  In Year 3, it is VERY important that children read with an adult at home every day and that it is recorded in their reading records so books can be changed and updated. All children also have a log in for Bug Club so can spend time on this or reading their stage book from school with an adult.


Learning Village - EAL children, don't forget to use your learning village to support your learning!


Please ensure that you speak with us if you have any trouble or concerns regarding your homework. 


Year 3 team