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Year 3 - Lion & Tiger Class

Welcome to Year 3!


Mrs Larson and Mrs Hoppins are class teachers in Lions and are supported by Mrs Searle.


Mrs Halley is the class teacher in Tigers and is supported by Mrs Sellick.



Hello Lions and Tigers. 


We cannot believe how well you have been doing with the learning set on these pages during the last four months, and how enjoyable it has been seeing the evidence on the padlet page.  You are all superstars!


Below are the activities for the next two weeks.  Have fun!!


The Year Three Team : )




Bonjour! Here is the French for this week :) 

Bonjour tout le monde! Remember we learned the names of some pets and made our pet profiles in school in March? Well today I’d like you to learn the names of some other animals that live in different environments.

Let’s begin by watching this clip with a grown-up:

Which is your favourite rainforest animal? Can you make a phrase with ‘J’aime…(I like..)?

Now let’s look at some animals that you might find in a park:

I think you might have recognised 2 of them already from when we did pets. Which 2 did you remember?

Finally, some mountain animals with a couple of adjectives to describe them (mignon/mignonne=cute & dangereux/dangereuse= dangerous) :

Did you notice what Mr Innes told you about where we find adjectives in French? That’s right, the adjectives usually come AFTER the noun. So instead of saying ‘It’s a cute wild boar’, the French would say ‘It’s a wild boar cute’ (but in French of course!!).

To remind ourselves of this new bit of interesting French grammar, let’s sing along to this tune which reminds us that colours, (which are a type of adjective) come AFTER the noun:

Bonne semaine!



We hope you are all keeping well. Here is the French for this week :) 

French 25.06.20

Home Learning Week Beginning 22.06.20


Have a great couple of weeks everyone. smiley



Bonjour! There is a link below to the French activities. 


We hope you are keeping safe and well. We will continue to call but if you need to speak with us then call the office and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Take care :) 

French activities



Hello! We hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. It has been lovely to see your work on padlet and to speak with you on the phone.

If you need to speak to any of the Year 3 team please call the school office and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Tigers - please also let us know if you need help with your Bug Club login. 

We have included some more suggestions and links for home learning. Please use as little or as much as suits your family. Take care :)