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Year 3 - Lion & Tiger Class

Week beginning: 13.4.20


Hello to all you fantastic children from Lion and Tiger Class.  It has been such a delight looking at all of the work you have been posting into Padlet, or J2E, and to see your progress in Bugclub and all of the other websites.  We have had many super conversations with you and your parents/ carers, catching up with all that you are doing at home at this very unusual time.  We are so very proud of you all.


Attached is your learning activities for week 4 and week 5.  Try to do some maths and English each day and some extra activities too.  Keep safe.  

The Year 3 team.

Lions - you will find your own login to Charanga (music site) on J2E. Have a go at logging in and try to sing some songs and write some music. Tigers - you will get your logins soon :) 

Week Beginning 30.3.20


Hello Lions and Tigers :-)  Attached are the next block of learning activities and resources. The aim is to do 1 activity from each subject a day if you can. Quite a few of you are completing My Maths activities set, well done. Just make sure you have checked out when you have finished with the tasks.


How are the beans doing? Hope you have been keeping a diary and making drawings of your observations. I look forward to seeing who grew the tallest bean? I have attached a plant labeling game to help you learn the different parts of a flower this week and a shape vocabulary game you can play with your family members. 


Take Care

Year 3 Team



The Yr3 statutory words are all on J2E. We have added a link to an Iron Age video if you wish to learn more. Keep safe :) 



 Good to see you are reading books from Bugclub.  Let's see who can get the closest to 100% when completing the quizzes!
Tiger Class looked at the diversity of places during Science Day and the role cargo ships have in transporting goods between these places.  We made boats and tested them to see how much they could hold.  It was great fun and the children worked so well together in lots of different groups.

Tiger Class Science Day

Lions Science Day!


 We have had a great day learning about our diverse planet and all the animals and plants we share our planet with. We have investigated different habitats and explored how animals and plants adapt to that habitat. We have also looked at what Science is and what scientists do. There is a link to find out more about scientists.

Animals - Adaptation (UK)

Home Learning 20.03.20


Please find Year 3s home learning information which details the activities you can do with your child at home. This will enable them to keep up with the learning content and we will update this weekly. See below the links your child can access. These are also on the home learning overview. 






Welcome to Year 3!


Mrs Larson and Mrs Hoppins are class teachers in Lions and are supported by Mrs Searle.


Mrs Halley is the class teacher in Tigers and is supported by Mrs Sellick.

Lions had a brilliant trip to the Museum of Somerset. They learnt more about the Stone Age and began to explore the Bronze Age.

They had the chance to dress as a Stone Age person, do cave paintings, make flour, use tools and weapons as well as find out about Stone Age animals. Do you know which animals lived in Somerset in the Stone Age? They also made jewellery, pots like the Beaker people and dug for artefacts. It was an amazing day! 

A visit from the opticians


In our Science lessons we have been looking at Light and how we see things. Laura from Specsavers opticians came into Year 3 to help us learn more about how our eyes works and how to keep our eyes safe. We tried on different glasses that made our eyes a bit funny!

Around the World Day

Around the World Day has started for Lions and Tigers this week. The children took part in the Global Games with Mr Irish. 

Mrs Searle and Mrs Hoppins brought in lots of different items from Turkey for us to look at. This belly dancing costume was one of them modelled beautifully by Evie in Lions. We learnt the basic steps. It was great fun!During 'Around the World Days', we learnt a bit about Turkey and the basic steps for belly dancing. Mrs Hoppins and Mrs Searle brought in lots of items from their visits to Turkey for us  to have a look at. This costume was one of them modeled beautifully by Evie in Lions!

Liz from Farmlink came in today and taught us about maps and compasses. She showed us a range of maps including maps of the world, towns and play areas. We explored how to read an OS map and look for symbols. We also tried to use a compass. Ask us how to find north!


Maps and Mapping

Maps and Mapping 1
Maps and Mapping 2
Maps and Mapping 3
Maps and Mapping 4
Maps and Mapping 5
Maps and Mapping 6

Welcome back! We hope you have had a restful break.


On Thursday 16th January, the children will have a Maps and Compasses workshop in school. Lis, from Farmlink, will show them how to read maps and find the 8 points on a compass.


On Thursday 30th January, we celebrate our Christingle. Your children should have given you invites this week. It is at 9.30 at St John's (tea and coffee from 8.45). We look forward to seeing you there!


Over the next week, the children will all receive a log in for their online Maths homework ( Let us know if you have any concerns. 

In the spring term, we will continue with multiplication and division as well as using money, geometry and fractions. In English, we are writing myths based on Norse mythology. We will continue to learn the common exception words and read daily.


Thank you for all your support in helping your children learn the words and read as often as possible at home. 


We will make our own worlds in Geography and make round house in DT. In History, we will explore how life changed as Britain went through the Iron Age. We will also explore light, plants, develop our IT skills and learn how to stay safe on-line. Our curriculum letter will be out soon with lots more information.


If you have any questions, please pop in and see us.


We expect the children to read as often as possible (4-5 times a week) and record in reading records. Children are rewarded for reading with house points, treats and extra play!


Revise known times tables and continue to learn the Yr3 expectations of 3x, 4x and 8x. Some children will be learning 6x and 7x tables.


Children will learn common exception words (in school and at home) and be tested. Children will learn spelling rules and patterns in class. 


Mymaths homework will be set weekly. Any concerns please see one of the Yr3 team. 


Correct PE kit is required in school every day consisting of black shorts or joggers, red t-shirt and trainers or daps.

The children have log ins for TTRockstars,, Bug Club, Learning Village (bi-lingual children) and can also access Hit the Button.




Year 3 is an exciting transition into KS2.


Over the year, the children will have the opportunity to go to Cheddar Caves, Taunton Museum and Fyne Court. There will be workshops in school as well. Swimming will also take place.


In the autumn term the children will have daily Maths, English and Guided Reading lessons. Each week they will also have Science, RE, History or Geography, Art or DT, Music, PE, French and P4C.


We will be learning about the Stone Age and climate alongside rocks and fossils, how to be safe online and how to use QR codes. Children will become cave painters and design petroglyphs.


Homework-we expect the children to read daily, revise known times tables and begin to learn the Yr3 expectations of 3x, 4x and 8x.


Children will continue to learn common exception words (in school and at home) and be tested weekly. Children will learn spelling rules and patterns in class. 


Correct PE kit is required in school every day consisting of black shorts or joggers, red t-shirt and trainers or daps.


Year 3 is an exciting transition into KS2 and we look forward to teaching your children this year.

Yr3 had a brilliant trip to Cheddar Caves. The sun shone as the children explored what life was like in Neolithic Britain, from hunting to making and carrying fire! They saw a cave bear and studied some of the tools that would have been used in the Stone Age. In Gough's Cave the children discovered where Cheddar Man had been found and how the caves had been excavated. The Dreamhunter's Cave took us back thousands of years to experience how life may have been whilst facing daily challenges to survive. 

Yr3 enjoyed at wonderful wedding at St John's Church with Revd. Lis. The children looked amazing in their special wedding outfits. They sang songs and discovered more about Christian wedding celebrations.  Thank you to Revd. Lis for the ceremony and Mrs Searle who made us all a cake!

Yr3 Wedding

Yr3 Wedding 1
Yr3 Wedding 2
Yr3 Wedding 3
Yr3 Wedding 4
Yr3 Wedding 5