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Wednesday 3rd February

Phase 3 phonics

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Using words with our new ur sound in can you fill in the missing words in the sentence. Then at the end there is a sentence to have a go at writing in full yourself. There are two more sheets of phoneme spotters like yesterday’s using different colour pencils highlight the words with the sounds in.

Video 2

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Phoneme spotter

Phase 2 phonics

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Unscramble the caption to get it to make sense. There will be more jumbled words on the class page on the website. Next practise reading phase 2 look and say words.


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Use the 100 square and number line to practise counting backwards from different numbers. Then use your playing cards turn a card over and find one less, do they just know it or do they have to count, use equipment. If your child needs to it’s ok to make the number with the cubes and take one away.

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