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Wednesday 20th January

Phase 3 phonics

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Practise making rhyming words. On the class page there are some more rhyming words, decide if the words rhyme or not.
Read my sentences and decide which missing word fits into my sentence.


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Phase 2 phonics

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Can you help me find words that rhyme. The first sound will change the end sounds will stay the same. On the class page there are more rhyming words to decide if they are rhyme or not.
There is also a snakes and ladders game to play.


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Use your number cards, grown ups to show you numbers muddled up. Can you recognise the numbers? Then can you make that number using objects or draw out that number of objects.
Play this game online to help

White Rose session 3 activity

PE activity

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How many can you do in 1 minute? Come up with different exercises and time yourself to see how many you can do. Hops, jumps, press ups, sit ups, squats, writing your name.

Elliot M in butterflies and his Mum did a Maths PE challenge yesterday. They had to make the number 5 between them. Elliot’s Mum did 3 jumping jacks, Elliot had to work out how many he needed to do to make 5 so he did 2 jumps. They repeated this making 5 in different ways. Can you have a go?