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Wednesday 13th January

Phonics phase 3

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Today’s phonics is using plastic cups with look and say words or key words on. Try rolling a ball to knock them down and read the words you knocked over. Or throw a ball into the cups, read the one you got the ball to land in.

Can you spot the words with igh in them. Note you don’t need to print this, write the words in your work book,

Phase 2 phonics

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Practise the sounds on the board. Listen to me talk like a robot, can you point to your h-ea-d? Encourage your child to listen carefully to the word I have segmented.


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Practise counting using a 100 square. You don’t need to print it out, just start counting from different points on it and see how far you get.
Then use your playing cards to work out which numbers are more or fewer.


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100 square

Part part whole, you don’t need to print. Just use your cubes to show these.