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Tuesday 9th February

Phase 3 phonics

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Come up with all the words you can think of with ear in them. Grown ups to hide the words and children go on a treasure hunt around the house to find and read the words. Then practise writing your look and say words, focus on the ones that you find tricky to remember.

Phase 2 phonics

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Play noughts and crosses/hugs and kisses with the phase 2 sounds you need to practise.


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Use the dice to subitise the numbers. You need to be secure in knowing how many dots without counting. If you can do this you could make your own dice and put irregular dot patterns on it to subitise. Use the dominoes to say how many dots are on each side. Then how many altogether.
I will add the colour by number to the website too.

Chinese New Year

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Watch the video on the link to find out why we have the Chinese zodiac. Can you work out what year you were born and which animal. On the class page there is also the story in pictures and words. Can you draw the animals in the story, we will need these for tomorrow’s learning. You could paint them if you wanted to.

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