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Tuesday 2nd February

Phase 3 phonics

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Recap some of our recent digraphs, play splat to identify the sounds or pairs to match. Keep practising the new digraphs. Read my two yes/no questions can you answer them.
Then look at the text can you use different coloured pencils for each sound and identify it by colouring the words that contain the sound. For example ai blue find all the words in the first document that have the ai sound, can you read them?

Video 2

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Can you identify the sounds in the text?

Phase 2 phonics

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Can you listen to the word I segment and draw a picture to go with it.
Then play the game roll and read, roll the dice and whichever number it lands on have a go at reading the word in the box.


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Practise filling in missing number equations. Use your cubes or counters to help and your part part whole grid, can you fill in the missing numbers?
Missing numbers on a number track use what you know about one more and one less than a number.

Can you find out about different birds this week? Have a look out in your garden or when you go for a walk for different birds. I’ll attach some links you can share together and then you can have a go at making a bird feeder for the birds. Can you find out why it is important to feed the birds?

On the class page is a PowerPoint about some of the birds you might find in your garden.