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Tuesday 26th January

Phase 3 phonics

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To begin with have a go at writing your phase 3 look and say words, listen out for the words I want you to write.
Then missing words in sentences, can you fill in the sentences to complete. Some children will be able to write the sentence out in full and others will just write in the missing word.
I have also attached to tapestry and the class page some ow sheets to have a go at labelling. There are a few other digraphs used in these too.
You could also play Buried treasure on phonics play practising the ow sound

Missing words

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Missing words 2

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Phase 2 phonics

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Have a go at reading some phase 2 look and say words with me. Then have a go with your grown ups at home. Next look at the cvc word picture cards. Grown ups talk like a robot can your find the p-i-g. Can your child select the picture and then maybe the word that says this. You don’t need to print these pictures out, either look at them on the screen or draw them out.Phonics play grab a giggling graphemes phase 2


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Please go to tapestry to watch today’s Maths on one more than a number. 



Have a look at pictures of different parks (class page). What do you notice? What makes a good park? Use the design sheet to draw and label what your park will look like and be made out of. Or make your own climbing frame. Take pictures for us to see of your completed product.