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Tuesday 19th January

Phase 3 phonics

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Practise sorting the oo and oo sound. On the class page of the website there are two power-points going through the long oo and short oo sounds. Have a look at these. Then write lots of oo and oo sounds on treasure (pieces of paper) hide them around the house. Children to go on a treasure hunt and then read the word. Write if it is long oo or short oo. Have two columns like on my board.

I will also add games to bug club phonics using ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, oo.

Wood, hood, book. Cook. Look, zoo, food, pool, roof, hook, hoop,

Phase 2 phonics

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What sounds can you see on the board?

Look at the animals in the pictures, what sounds do they make? Pick and animal make the sound which one is it?

Look at the initial sounds pictures? What sound can you hear at the start of the word? Can you hear any other sounds in the words?


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Subitising with numicon. Can you make your own numicon pieces like mine?
Use the numicon to make = (equal) number sentences. Equals means the same as so 3 is equal to 2+1
2+1 = 1 + 1 +1
Don’t worry about writing number equations but use your homemade numicon to make different numbers in different ways.


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