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All of these trips will be visible on Scopay and letters will be sent out nearer the time for trips taking place later in the year.


Foundation Stage

Bristol Aquarium                                22nd June 2022


Year 1

Rodway Farm 


Year 2

WSM                                                  8th July 2022

Year 2 Swimming                               25th April 2022-11th July 2022


Year 3

Museum of Somerset Lions class      25th November 2021

Museum of Somerset Tigers class     2nd December 2021

Lions Brean Beach Trip                     14th June 2022 & 21st June 2022

Tigers Brean Beach Trip                    28th June 2022 & 5th July 2022

Year 3 Swimming                               10th January 2022- 4th April 2022


Year 4

Exeter Museum

Magdalen Farm                                 4th April 2022-5th April 2022

Quantocks                                         21st June 2022

Year 4 Swimming                              13th September 2021-13th December 2021


Year 5

Museum of Somerset                        9th November 2021

High Ropes   


Year 6   

Carymoor                                          13th January 2022

Butlins                                                25th May 2022--27th May 2022