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Thursday 7th January Home Learning

Please login to Tapestry to watch the videos for Maths and Phonics today.




Phase 3 phonics- Today’s phonics recaps our two new sounds ai and ee. I have given the children a mixture of words and they have to sort them into the correct digraph. You may need to pause the video at certain points or rewatch it. 

The second video is a game we play at school called full circle. The children will need to write the words or if you have magnetic letters you could use these to build the words. Each time only one sound changes. If they are writing these on a whiteboard they will only need to rub out and rewrite one sound for each word.

This is the link the link to phonics play username-jan21 password- home

Select either ai or ee sounds and the children have to read the word and have to decide if it is real or silly. Real words go in the treasure chest and silly words in the bin.

Phase 2 phonics- Practise 4 more phase 2 sounds. Play splat the sound, in school we use a fly swat but the children hit the sound that you ask them to find. You can also play pairs.

login username-jan21 password-home

Select the sounds your child needs to practise. Support them to blend the words and decide if they are real or silly. 











Watch today’s maths video. It uses part part whole to 5. Can you find all the ways of making 5?


White Rose Maths 

watch session 4 and then complete the activity. I will attach the link to the website. 



Session 4 white Rose activity