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Thursday 28th January

Phase 3 phonics

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Recap some previous sounds. Then learn the or sound, what words have or in the middle of them. Can you write them down? There is a ludo game attached that you can make to practise reading the or words.


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Or board game. You don’t need to print you could just practise reading the words and writing them out.

Phase 2 phonics

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Practise reading look and say words. These words have to be just read, you can segment or blend them. You just need to read them. Play splat and pairs to practise recognising these words.


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To begin practise counting forwards and backwards on your number line.
Then use the spinner, either throw something on it to determine a number or a paperclip held in a pencil to spin. You then have to say one more than the given number and colour it in on the grid. Play against someone each have one colour, the winner is the one with most squares coloured in.

Writing challenge

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Take your changed story from earlier on in the week. Can you write a sentence for your changes. Think about how you could describe your character and how they might look.

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