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Thursday 21st January

Phase 3 phonics

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Learn the new ar sound. There are lots of words that have this digraph in the middle of the words. Can you write down some of the words I give you. In the second video there are two sentences to have a go at writing. I will add the video for ar to bug club phonics.


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Phase 2 phonics

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Use the magnetic sounds you have at home to make the words I ask you in the video. Can you match the words and pictures together. Segment the words and blend then find the matching picture.


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Check my counting is right or do I miss numbers out?
Can you play number tennis, watch to see how you play.


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White Rose Maths session 4

One Snowy Night activities

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Can you write a sentence to tell me where one of the animals has fallen asleep?
Look really carefully at the picture. Can you spot these items in the picture? A dice, a ladybird, a biscuit, a thimble, string, a toothbrush.

Have a go at answering some of these questions about the story One Snowy Night.

One Snowy Night questions to answer