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Dear Parents and Carers,


After half term we will be starting Personal Passports. The children will have a date that they bring in their Personal Passport that they get ready at home with you. They can chose to bring it in in a box, bag, mini suitcase, gift bag or however they chose. It needs to include as a reference:

-who is in their family (this could include photographs)

- hobbies

- favourite food

- favourite smell

-1 favourite toy

- favourite book, music and film

- Something that they dislike this could be a food, texture, smell


They will then present this to their friends in class on their day, shown on the additional letter. We will encourage them to speak to their friends confidently, clearly and their ability to answer questions from their friends. You might want to practise this at home first. We will assess the children’s ability to communicate to their peers on the EYFS Communication and Language, for example 40-60m Speaking “Uses talk to organise, sequence and clarify thinking, ideas, feelings and events.”


The class bear will also be making visits home on a daily basis for 1 night. Please write in the diary with your child about the bears exciting sleepover and they can draw pictures or add photographs. Otherwise you can add this on Tapestry.  This will then be ready them to share with the class the following day. Again we will be looking at how your child communicates past events as part of the EYFS Communication and Language.


Many thanks for your continued support


Mrs Sykes and Mrs Phillips