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How can I help?

The school is extremely grateful for any support offered. The types of support that the school would benefit from include:

  • Financial support- Any monetary value makes a difference towards fulfilling our school projects or for general educational purposes
  • Volunteering- It doesn’t have to just be financial, giving the school your time to help support within the classroom is always an advantage.
  • Expertise- If you have a special skill that would be useful for carrying out any particular professional task, please let us know. Having a carpenter, plumber, painter as an example, is very useful to us.
  • Companies/Professionals- If you have the ability to deliver workshops on specific subjects or providing an insight to pupils on a particular profession that would also be of interest.
  • Sponsorship- The school often look at holding fundraising events for the children to take part in or sponsorship for specific merchandise like sportswear, is another area that the school would be keen to have support with.

If you would like to help, please visit our ‘Make a donation’ page or get in touch with our Finance Officer- to discuss how you can make a difference.

In return, the school can acknowledge your generosity in our school bulletins unless you wish to remain anonymous.