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About the Local Pantries in Sedgemoor

 The local pantry network is an initiative for Somerset that started here in Sedgemoor.  It is a partnership between the council, local community groups and food charity Fareshare Southwest. Local Pantries provide fresh and pantry / store cupboard food to their members for a weekly fee of £3.50.

Fareshare works with large organisations to help bridge the gap between food producers, supermarkets, and landfill to ensure good, fresh (but surplus) food is not wasted. Local Pantries also work with local retailers to collect their excess food.  By joining a Local Pantry you're saving perfectly good food from going to waste and saving money!

The food each Local Pantry receives varies greatly from week to week, usually members receive a mix of fresh, chilled, and dry foods.   A typical week could include fruit and / or vegetables, eggs, and dairy or non-dairy drinks, pasta, cereals, and tinned foods. There are sometimes ready meals and sweet treats.  Members get a minimum of ten items and may get more.

Members agree a time slot to collect their food and are asked to ensure if they cannot attend one week they give notice, to avoid food waste.  As spaces are limited each Local Pantry also has a waiting list and will get in touch when a space becomes available.  Members normally join for several months.  A Local Pantry is different to a Food Bank, you would not normally access both.