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The Bridgwater Schools Travel Challenge returns in 2021!

For three weeks from Monday 27th September – Friday 15th October our school will be taking part in this years’ Bridgwater Schools Challenge to encourage healthy travel to school. Each day during the challenge, pupils and staff will record how they travelled to school and are awarded points, with healthy travel options scoring the most:

  • Walk/Scoot/Cycle - 4 points
  • Bus/Train – 3 points
  • Park & Stride – 2 points
  • Car with friends – 1 point
  • Car – 0 points!

Perhaps you could:

  • Walk or scoot to school – the attached map shows walking times to our school – perhaps your walk is shorter than you thought? And if you scoot you could travel up to five times as fast!
  • Cycle to school – get your bikes ready for the challenge and plan your route. The Bridgwater Cycle Map will show you the routes available
  • Park & Stride -  Even if you live too far from school to walk, scoot or cycle all the way, why don’t you Park & Stride (drive the first part of your journey, park somewhere safely and considerately, and walk/scoot for the final 5-10 minutes)
  • Or relieve the pressure by arranging to share the driving duties with a friend some days!


The overall score for the school will be logged each day – and you’ll be able to check out the leaderboard to keep an eye on how we’re doing.

There are two great prizes up for grabs:

  • £750 for the school topping the leaderboard at the end of the three weeks. 
  • £750 prize for ‘the most improved school’ – the school that has made the biggest improvement in the amount of healthy travel to school compared to its initial travel survey.

Remember, every day you choose a healthy travel option, you’ll be contributing to our overall score. Together let’s see if we can win a prize for the school! 

Thank you for your support!