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Monday 4.5.20

Monday 4th May

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Phase 4 phonics CVCC words segmenting and blending

Let's sound out some 'CVCC' words! To sound out without help from me, simply mute the video. For more Phonics Segmenting and Blending activities, watch the f...

When doubling and halving use real objects. Use toys, pasta, pencils, pop cubes, sweets. This will help the children see how many there are and they can move them to count. See if they can count on the quick way e.g. if you have 4 + 4, don't count the first group of 4 as we know there are then "5,6,7,8." When halving they can share their objects between 2 people, always ensuring each person has the same amount. This is a good idea with sweets!

White Ros Maths Day 1 activities