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Monday 25th January

Phase 3 phonics

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Recap sounds from last week oo, ar.
Today’s new sounds is ow, have a go at writing some ow sounds. Then can you work out which words are real or silly?
Bug club phonics will have the ow sound lesson on or watch it on bbc bite size phonics phase 3.

Phase 3 phonics

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Phase 2 phonics

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Practise your sounds and have a go at reading the bus words.


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Making one more than a number. Use the cubes to build a tower add one more, how many do you have now? Does your child have to count how many cubes or do they know what one more is without counting?

Please find the overview for this week with other learning ideas. I have also posted some science activities you could do, called stem. Please note about the ice hunt on there. Grown ups this can be linked to the science on our overview. Freeze some objects in water without your child seeing and then let your child explore how to free them. Ask them how they objects got to be in the ice? Talk about ways they think the ice could melt and how to free them? Talk about properties of ice and describe it. When we complete the activity in school, we freeze water in balloons and put the items inside, you could freeze water in cups.

Also some PE activity cards to have a go at completing. If you have any questions please let us know.