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Monday 1st February

Phase 3 phonics

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Learn two new sounds today ur and er they both sound the same but look different. We will learn ur usually comes in the middle of words and er at the end of words. Watch bbc bitesize phase 3 videos and bug club phonics. Can you fill in the gaps with the correct ur sound? Grown ups you could write out some more for the children, also attached is an ur sheet.

Video 2

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Phase 2 phonics

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Use your magnetic sounds or write the sounds on pieces of paper. Play full circle, so make the words I say changing only one sound each time. You will need the sounds s,a,t,p,i. After we will practise reading the bus words.

Bus words

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This week our focus in Maths is on finding one less. So using cubes and your number line can you find one less and write the number equation. You could have a go at putting your two numbers back together to make the whole.

Monday writing task

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Monday writing task is to write some facts about ice. Use what you learnt about ice last week to describe it and write some sentences.

Percy the Park Keeper - Owl Takes Charge (1999)

When Percy catches a cold, Owl offers to help make a rake, plant a tree and paint the roundabout. But she isn't very good at remembering and gets them all mu...