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Monday 11th January

Watch the one snowy night video on tapestry, This is a very exciting job. Then the children need to listen to the story One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth, the link is below. Then watch my video to find out your task. Can you draw all the animals in the story and write their names?

One Snowy Night - A Percy The Park Keeper story read by Nick Butterworth

Nick Butterworth reads his classic story "One Snowy Night".You can order One Snowy Night here:

Phase 3 phonics

Watch the video for today’s phonics lesson on Tapestry. To begin with we play a Look and say words game. You can select the looks and say words your child is working on to play the game and pause the video at any relevant points. Then we are learning our new sound. It’s the trigraph igh, three letters that make one sound. I will upload the igh sound to bug club for your child to watch and also on the website a game called roll and read using lots of igh words. I will try and screenshot it too so you can access it from tapestry too.





Phase 2 phonics

Watch the video and can you child tell you the sounds they can see. Which sounds do I take away? Pause the video if you need to. I then make some words and need help with which sound is missing in the words. 


Watch the video, start by doing some subitising (counting how many without counting the holes). Then practise more part, part, whole to 5. There is a link here to a website you can use to make your part, part, whole.


Also white Rose Maths this week -come alive week 2. Watch the video in the link and complete the activity.