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Homework and Reading in Key Stage 2


Dear Parents/Carers,

We have recently reviewed how homework is being set    throughout the key stage in order to ensure there is consistency and progression. We know that homework can be stressful for some children and adults and we hope that by working together, we can eliminate any problems which may arise.  As a result, after half term, all children in Key Stage 2 will be set the following homework weekly.    


  • Maths homework- this could be an online piece of work or a sheet of questions to consolidate what has been taught in class.
  • Spellings- these are key words which your child will need to be able to read, spell and use in a sentence and are tested weekly in class.
  • Times tables- each child will be working on a target times table to practise at home. This can be done using a selection of websites or apps, singing, answering your quick-fire questions or writing them down in a book. We recommend ‘hit the button’,, or and
  • Reading aloud  - we ask that you listen to your child read five times a week, for no longer than ten minutes and record this in their diaries. Please ensure that you are able to see the text when your child is reading so you are able to point out any errors.
  • Reading and spelling activities on Bug club – these are a series of spelling, grammar and reading activities which the children can access at home.
  • Topic- these are creative activities or projects which may be set over the holidays.


            How can you help?

We ask that you listen to your child read and record what they have read in their reading record. Please also record when they have completed the above activities so we can reward the children for their hard work.

Please support your child with homework tasks by providing them with a quiet place to work and your help if necessary.


All tasks will be explained by the teacher beforehand and will never be new learning.  If your child has not completed their homework, they will be expected to attend a catch-up homework club on Friday lunchtime which will be run by Ms Alcock and Miss Darby.


All the login details which your child may need will be inside their reading diary.


Please see your class teacher if you have any questions or concerns,


Thank you for your cooperation with this.





Miss Hall and Ms Alcock