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Dear parents,

Just a reminder about the expectation for homework in Foundation Stage.

Every week the children are expected to read their scheme book/s. Choosing books or books from home or any other type of reading in the real world (magazines, menus, recipes etc) are also included. This needs to be recorded in their yellow reading record and needs to be done at least 5 times a week in line with the rest of the school. They will receive 3 house point stickers for this.

The children need to practice phonics every day. It is important to go over all sounds even when you feel they know them. This only takes 5/10 minutes. They are rewarded when they know all their sounds with house point stickers.

We are looking to set up a school competition for the class that reads the most every week and the children will come in and click on the interactive board if they have read at home. The winning class will be rewarded at the end of each week.

We are having an open door from 8.30 until the bell every Thursday for you to come and read with your child in class.

When the children have keywords (teddy, bus, boat etc) they are expected to practice these at least 4 times a week and once a week go over all the keywords they have learnt.

We will have a maths workshop soon and details of maths homework will be given then. At the moment they need to learn to recognize numbers 1-10 and count items up to 10 one at a time. This can also be recorded in the reading record and should be completed three times a week.

The children have a story book with the stories we are learning at school. Please enjoy sharing this with your child at least weekly.


If your child is not completing homework they will have lunchtime homework club with Ms Darby and Miss Alcock in line with the rest of the school.

Please see the class teacher if you are struggling at any time to discuss any issues.

Thank you for your cooperation with this.