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Friday 22nd January

Phase 3 phonics

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Recap our new sound from yesterday ar.
Then play full circle using some of our previous sounds. You may want to use magnetic letters to make the words, write it on a whiteboard and rub out the sound that needs changing or pause my video to have time to write the word before the next word.
On the website there is also a PowerPoint with yes/no questions. Have a go at reading the sentence and decide if the answer is yes or no.


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Read the statement and answer yes or no

Phase 2 phonics

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What sounds can you see on my board? Can you find your sounds like that?
Play the roll and read sound. Roll the dice and whichever number you land on find the sound and cover it up on the board. You don’t need to print it lay a counter on top of he iPad or write the sounds out.


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Make some more numicon, have a go at stacking them on top of each other to make the number 5. Colour in the correct colours to make the numicon to 5.
On the website there is also a PowerPoint song with 5 green bottles.

Well done and final challenge of the week

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Well done for all of your hard work at home, keep going. It’s so lovely to see all of the things you are posting on here and how busy you are.

One final challenge for the week is to give directions to someone to get through your maze. Use words like forwards, backwards, left, right.
Here is the link to a website where you can give directions to the bee bot (mini robot) we have used these in school (the real robots to give directions).