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Autumn Term Curriculum

Foundation Stage Autumn Newsletter 2019


Welcome to Eastover Primary School. We hope that your child’s time with us is a happy one and that they reach their full potential in all areas. Thank you for supporting the induction process into school. The children have settled well into school life.


There are a variety of ways to keep you informed of school events and your child’s learning. Please can you check the class white board located in-between the 2 classes on a daily basis. There are also whole school and Foundation Stage newsletters that will be emailed to you and can be seen on the school website. Class teachers will check each child’s reading record once a week so you can leave us a message in that. Otherwise you can speak to teachers at the end of the school day.

The school website, also holds lots of other school information including dates and whole school events etc.

You will be able to see many aspects of your child’s learning on an electronic learning journey called Tapestry, many of you will be aware of this through your child’s nursery. You will receive an email from Tapestry (this sometimes goes into junk mail) to set up a password and pin. We will let you know in the next couple of weeks when.

Parent’s evenings will be in October and March to discuss your child’s progress and you will receive a written report at the end of year as a summary of the year.

A member of staff will be available to take any messages from you in the morning. It is essential that we know if there is a different person than usual picking your child up and that they are on your child’s list of contacts.


Clothing Please ensure that ALL school clothing and shoes are clearly named including P.E kit and daps. We would like you to encourage your child to be as independent as possible in getting changed including shoes and coats as well as clothes as this will help them in school. Please send in a named pair of welly boots in preparation for when we start outside learning. P.E kit will be sent home every half term to be washed.

Lunch and snack time

As you will be aware your child has a free hot school meal. Your child also

receives a free snack and until their fifth birthday can receive free milk. If

your child does not want milk please let us know and they will need a

healthy drink in a NAMED bottle. We request that drinks bottles are not

carried in book bags due to damage to books and phonic resources etc.


Your child will need to have their book bag in school every day. At the

moment the children can have up to two ‘choosing’ books to share with

you at home. The ‘choosing’ books (that have a sticker on) are located in-

between the classes. You are welcome to change these before or after

school. These books are to share and enjoy and can be changed

regularly. They will not be expected to formally read these yet. ‘Schemed’

books will be given to the children at a later date. There will be more

information on this at the reading workshop. The expectation is that you

read (phonics, keywords or books) every day with your child.

In the morning

As soon as the bell goes in the morning your child does not need to line

up and can come straight into the classroom ready for registration. Please

can you support your child in being independent by allowing them to

organise themselves and their belongings (book bag, drinks bottle etc.)

after the school bell in the mornings.


There are 7 areas of learning in the Foundation Stage. 3 Prime areas: Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED), Communication and Language (CL) and Physical Development (PD). 4 Specific areas: Literacy (L), Mathematics (M) Understanding the World UTW) and Expressive Arts and Design (EAD). At the end of the year each child will be assessed against the Early Learning Goals in these areas of learning. This term we will deliver the curriculum through cross-curricular topic work and the children’s interests and needs. This term we feel it is essential that children feel settled, safe and familiar with the environment and staff in order to become successful learners. We will be teaching phonics and your child will be bringing letter sounds then words home to learn. There will be more information on this at the reading workshop. You may notice there will be lots of evidence for your child’s learning on Tapestry at the start of the year as the children are not recording it in books. As the year progresses it becomes increasing more in their different work books in preparation for Year 1. You are welcome to share any learning, events etc that happens at home on Tapestry. The children enjoy sharing this with their friends and it helps us have a bigger picture of your child’s learning and development. You may notice at the end of an observation will be a hash tag sign# to indicate the area of learning noticed in the observation.

Important Autumn dates for your diary Wednesday 25th September– INSET (school closed to children) Friday 27th October-FS reading workshop 2.00pm Thursday 3rd October- FS reading workshop 3.30pm (a crèche will be provided) Please sign up to either of the above reading workshops Friday 11th October -Photographer (Individual photographs) 23rd and 24th October Parents evenings. You will need to sign up online for this. Friday 25th October-INSET Monday 28th October-Half term-no school Monday 4thth November -back to school. Friday 8th November- Nursery Rhyme Day Please can your child dress as their favourite nursery rhyme character. Friday 15th November -Maths workshop 2.00pm Thursday 21st November- Maths workshop 3.30pm (crèche provided) Tuesday 17th December- Foundation Stage Nativity Production 10.30am in the school hall Friday 20th December-end of Autumn term These dates are all on the school website. The Foundation Stage staff look forward to a happy, busy and successful year working together to ensure a successful start on your child’s learning journey.

Foundation Stage team