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Autumn Term Curriculum

Eastover Primary School

Curriculum Overview

Autumn 2017

Year 5




This term we will be looking closely at fiction and non-fiction texts with a focus on recapping previously learnt SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar). Before half term, the children will be looking at suspense writing.  As part of this we will watch short clips that will demonstrate building suspense.

We will also do some work with poetry. First of all, we will be creating shape poems. We will then have a go at writing nonsense poems. Finally, before Christmas, we will write a discussion text based upon one of our Philosophy discussions.


Each class will be reading a class story. For the first term both classes will be reading ‘Viking Boy’ by Tony Bradman. After half term, we will be reading ‘Wonder’ by R J Palacio.




This term our focus will be on the four rules of number, including mental calculations.  You can help your child by practising their tables regularly.  They will learn how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000 and this will include decimal numbers.

The children will learn about the properties of numbers and will practise plenty of ordering and sequencing numbers. The children will be set a weekly task for maths homework to consolidate skills taught that week.

Every week the children will also practice their times tables and take part in weekly multiplication assessments.



For the first part of Autumn term we will be looking at aspects of Humanism and their beliefs and understandings of the world. We will then be covering areas to do with Christians. We will looking at what they believe about God and incarnation.



Our topic this term is Science. We will be exploring the planets in our solar system, explore why we have night and day and look closely at the correlation between the Earth, Moon and Sun. Closer to Christmas we will start our second topic which is Forces. This is linked to our second school trip to ‘We the Curious’



Every Friday, we will have a discussion about a particular topic with philosophical depth.  They could be topical to recent events or be derived from other forms.




Our theme this half term is ‘Changes in our local environment’. We will start by identifying where we are in the world before looking at how different events impacted different locations around the country. We will then look more closely to home and study how the changes in Bridgwater have affected our environment.

In the second part of the Autumn term, we will be looking  at The Anglo Saxons. In year five we study both the Saxons and the Vikings and as part of this we have a visitor from the era to share what life is like and show off some of their tools and weapons.





As usual, ICT  is central to topic work and all other work through the curriculum.  The children will use the laptops and I pads to research and present their ideas in both topic and English work. We will also be learning how to use Scratch, a visual programming language that is associated with instructions. The children will be learning how to instruct a sprite to make shapes, patterns and greet their friends!


Art and Design Technology


Art and DT this term will have strong links with our History and Geography topics. We will be making Viking hats and using a range of mediums to create some space themed work. We have a Viking visit where we will look at creating our names in clay using Viking letters. Furthermore, we will use our DT skills to make Christmas stockings and collage calendars. 



The children will be expected to read each evening to an adult and have their reading records signed each night.  These will be checked and the children will be rewarded accordingly at the end of each week.  In Maths, the homework will be set on a weekly basis and stuck into their homework books.

There may also be projects set which may take a bi more time and be related to our topics.

All homework will be due in on a Monday and re-set on a Tuesday.