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Spring Term Curriculum

Year 1 Spring Newsletter

January 2019



Happy New Year! We are looking forward to another exciting term in year one. Here is a brief outline of the topics we will be covering this term. Please come and speak to us if you have any questions or would like any further information. Please also check the boards outside our classrooms which are updated regularly with information.


We will be developing the children’s range of writing skills and focussing on the stories of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Jack and the Beanstalk. We will be learning the stories, rewriting them and innovating them to write our own version. We will also be looking at an explanation text about making honey.

Year 1 continue to have daily phonics lessons. We will work on applying the phonemes they learnt in foundation stage and they will learn alternative graphemes. Your child may bring pseudo words home to practise – these are ‘silly nonsense words’ which the children need to learn to segment and blend ready for their phonics screening in June (more information about this to follow later in the year).


We will be focusing on number confidence and place value during this term.

  • Number: addition and subtraction within 20.
  • Place value within 50 which will include multiples of 2,5 and 10.
  • Measurement: height and length.
  • Measurement: Weight and Volume.

Our problem solving will continue throughout the year when we will learn to apply our new knowledge in a range of contexts.


This term we will be learning about animals, including humans.  First we will look at our bodies and our senses, finding out why we are part of the group of animals named mammals.  We will then move on to looking at other groups of animals such as amphibians, fish, reptiles and birds.  Hopefully we will see lots of them when we go on our trip to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in March.  Finally the children will learn what carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores eat and we will group and sort animals accordingly.   




We will be finding out about the UK. We will be learning about the four countries of the UK and where they are located on a map.  We will be learning about the cultures of these countries too.

After half term we will learn about famous people from history including Florence Nightingale and Neil Armstrong.




We will be learning about holy books and why these books are special; this will link to the Bible and other faith books.  We will also be learning the Easter story at the end of term.


This term we will looking at e-safety, specifically with regard to when it is ok to use photos on the internet and when it is not. We will also be learning about Coding. We will make simple games by selecting various commands, for example - we will make vehicles move around the screen and make a fairy tale castle.


Please continue to support your child at home with their reading. We will continue to give children house points for reading every night at home and they can collect their reading star certificates and prizes.

A maths homework sheet will be sent home on a Friday. This homework needs to be returned each Friday please. It is designed to be an activity to complete with your child to share their learning.

From the Year 1 team

Teachers: Mrs Irish, Mrs Salt, Mrs Salt and Mrs Freer

Teaching assistants: Mrs Hurford and Mrs Llewelyn