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School Projects

There are several school projects that the school are determined to achieve, some are larger ventures whilst others are ongoing provisions that we feel add continued support to our educational offering.

Breakfast Provision

The school was very fortunate to implement a morning breakfast scheme that started in 2019, allowing every child attending the school to access a Bagel every morning. The aim of the scheme is to ensure that ‘no child goes hungry’ and that all children have a good nutritious start to the day. This has an impact on children’s concentration in class which then improves pupils’ attainment. It also helps towards attendance and health & wellbeing.

In order to operate this provision, the school has to purchase Bagels, Spreads, Bread, Napkins, Gloves, Catering utensils and Catering equipment. We also incur overhead costs for staff and utilities.

It is now becoming a challenge for the school to continue to support the ongoing costs to continue to provide this scheme and our goal would be to make this facility more sustainable. Currently, it costs us £200 per week to fund this.

Our target is to receive ongoing financial support towards running costs.


As part of our ongoing commitment to provide suitable equipment for children to use for educational purposes, the school is very keen to purchase a Kiln to improve the artwork projects that pupils can produce. Pottery work is a big part of one of the aspects of Art education and having a working kiln would broaden the produce that the children are able to create. This will help develop children’s skills, but also use a process that is part of the history of human invention & design.

The school has put a lot of effort into our art curriculum and are very proud to have achieved a ‘Gold standard’ arts award. We still wish to progress in this area and know that investing in this equipment will help us to accomplish this.  

Our target to achieve this is £4,000.

Running Track

Eastover are very proud of the fact that we have excelled at many local sporting events, despite the fact that our premises has limited outdoor space. Our vision is to expand the sporting activities that we can offer pupils with the addition of a running track. This would be a permanent track around the school, showing visual markings of distance. It would be used during PE lessons, lunchtimes and sports afterschool clubs, especially cross country.

Not only will it help children to visualise their distance, but it will boost improvements of children’s health & fitness levels. As it will a permanent fixture, pupils will be able to use it at their own convenience during breaktimes and staff will also be encouraged to utilise it with the children.

Unfortunately, as the school is restricted on space, this project is of high value due to the way that the work would have to be completed.

Our target to achieve this is £40,000.

If you would like to help, please visit our ‘Make a donation’ page or contact the Finance Officer-

If we are unable to fulfil any projects due to not reaching our target or there are circumstances that prevents us from proceeding with the project, the school will direct any funds received towards alternative support that improves the educational provision.