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School Library

Borrowing Guidelines 

A pupil may borrow a book for 7 days. Books can be returned in the library by either being given to a Pupil Librarian or Mrs Tustin.

If a book is not returned at the end of the seven days, then the steps below will be followed:  

  • Overdue by 7-29 days- Child will be reminded by the librarian and teachers will be asked to remind them as well. 
  • Overdue by 30 days- An email will be sent to parents/carers to return the book by a specified date. This email will be sent out at the start of every half term. 
  • Overdue by specified date & not returned- a fine will need to be paid by a specified date via ScoPay. The fine goes towards the cost of replacing the book. 
  • If the Payment is not received by specified date- Phone calls may be made and pupil will be unable to borrow any books for a certain amount of time. 
  • A record will be kept of any pupils unable to use the library due to unpaid fines. If it is a continuing issue, the pupil will not be allowed to borrow any more books for the rest of the school year. 
My library book is damaged, what do I do?

Please, don't attempt to fix it. Just return it to the library. Your honesty is greatly appreciated and Mrs Tustin might be able to fix it!

I can't find my library book, what do I do?

Tell Mrs Tustin, the librarian. It's always better to be honest! A fine will need to be paid which will go towards the cost of replacing the book. The sooner this is sorted, the sooner you can borrow another book. However, if books keep being lost, it may be requested that you keep library books in your tray in class.

How do I know if a book is a school library book?

All school library books should have the following on the outside;

  •  All fiction books have a label at the bottom of the spine with the first three letters of the authors name.
  • All non-fiction books have a coloured label and a number on the bottom of the spine

They should also have the following on the inside of the front cover;

  • A unique barcode 
  • The school's address
  • A date due slip

All library books should be returned to the library by the date they are due.

World Book Day 2023

The 2nd of March was World Book Day and the school held a book fayre. It was lovely to see so many pupils coming to the book fayre and ordering books. Due to the all the orders the school has received £400 worth of free books from Usborne! Thank you to everyone who came along! The books will be on the library shelves soon so that everyone can benefit from them.