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Our Challenges

As a local authority school, we receive funding based on the National Funding formula as agreed by the government. This is supposed to help fund the schools operating costs in order to provide a basic education for pupils attending school.

However, actual funding received does not reflect the exact costs to deliver an educational experience for pupils with the increasing challenges that schools are faced with.

For our pupils, we want to provide a great education not just basic. So, we are always striving to improve upon the facilities, resources and support that we can offer all pupils who attend Eastover.

This is the foundation of a child’s journey to success and it is our mission to give each child a fantastic start on their way to achieve a fulfilled education.

We want to break down the barriers, so that all pupils feel that they can aspire to anything they put their mind to.

Having access to the best resources and enrichment opportunities, helps give our pupils the education that they deserve.